PZD Micropipettes

PZD (Partial Zona Dissection) micropipettes are used in blastomere biopsy and mechanical hatching techniques by physically piercing the zona pellucida. Monash Biotech PZD micropipettes are pulled with a long thin taper to a sharp point.

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PZD Micropipettes (10 per box) *

Catalogue No. Description
MBPZ-00 Straight
MBPZ-15 15° angled
MBPZ-20 20° angled
MBPZ-25 25° angled
MBPZ-30 30° angled
MBPZ-35 35° angled
MBPZ-40 40° angled
MBPZ-45 45° angled
  • micropipettes are individually packed and sterile
  • measurement tolerance ± 5%
  • taper length 600μm