welcome to monash biotech

Monash Biotech was founded in 2019 with the philosophy of providing the finest quality, most innovative and cost effective products.

Monash Biotech is a specialty product manufacturer where an improved patient outcome is top priority for every member of the organization. Quality workmanship is evident in the superior products we develop and this is also reflected in Monash Biotech's growing customer confidence.


Mission Statement

Monash Biotech will continue to explore new and novel ways to fulfill unmet clinical needs with passion and serve the global patient population.

Together, in steadfast partnership with health-care customers and cutting edge researchers, Monash Biotech endeavours to provide the highest level of quality service, adhere to the code of business and health-care compliance, customer education and patient care.

We will explore with unreserved energy those evolving sciences and new technologies that can provide innovative solutions to the challenging health-care issues of our times. We endeavour to achieve fair profit outcomes for our business operations, to sustain company growth and achieve our strategic financial goals. We shall maximize our partnerships and investments in new technologies that hold the promise of clinically relevant breakthroughs.

We also aim to maintain a purposeful mission to recognize the personal achievements of our employees, by providing a work environment conducive to personal growth and advancement opportunity for all employees.

We remain committed as socially responsible corporate citizens and intend to continue contributing to make our planet a better place for sustenance of life.